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From facials and body treatments to manicures and massages, our experts are dedicated to helping you look and feel your best.

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Holistic approach to beauty and health

"I love to help our clients to develop a stronger connection with their bodies and feel more confident"

"I love to help our clients to develop a stronger connection with their bodies and feel more confident"

Endosphéres THERAPIST

Julia Gelfand

Julia Gelfand is our Endosphéres therapist in the Oasis, she is the MASTER of taking care of people.

Julia is originally from Israel where she acquired two medical degrees. She has worked in an Israeli hospital for thirteen years, where she specialised in treating complicated wounds.

8 years ago, Julia moved to Amsterdam. She wanted to continue her medical practice while starting a career in the beauty field. This year Julia has joined the Oasis team and completed a two-stage Endosphéres training, as well as trainings from the Holy Land cosmetics company.

“I love to be in contact with people, the tactile sensations. I love to see our clients attain positive results and to see how they start to develop a stronger connection with their bodies and feel more confident”.


"I know how important it is to feel
and understand your body and care about it"

yulia volk

"I know how important it is to feel and understand your body and care about it"

top beautician with a high expertise in Structural facial lifting and Buccal massage

Yulia Volk

“I love tactile sensations! From my childhood I was learning the world through the touches — I could feel the smallest changes in textures, temperature, vibrations coming from things and people. I know how important it is to feel and understand your body and care about it”.

Yulia is a devoted follower of her coach, Yakov Gershkovich, the creator of the Sculptural Face Lifting Technique. Nowadays it’s being recognized as one of the most effective natural rejuvenation method, a great alternative to a plastic surgery that: 

-reduces small wrinkles of different depths;

– restores skin elasticity and color;

– reduces a double chin; 

Yulia is constantly mastering her skills by learning new massage methods and innovative approaches worldwide. 

Soon she is taking OSTEOPLASTY courses from Dr. Kim, an osteopath and neurologist, an inventor of a unique method that literally restores YOUTH from the standpoint of anatomy and physiology. Osteoplasty uses the principles of feeling the tissues and understanding what is happening inside the body. Using this method it’s possible to manage and safely remove age-related changes and causes.

"For each one of us, it is important to have professional care, and I would happily provide that for you"

Endosphéres therapist and aesthetician

Giedre Pankaite

What is the most important thing for a beauty specialist – education or experience?

“I am convinced, that without theoretical knowledge about the body it is impossible to be a professional. This is why I received a degree in physiotherapy at the International School of Physiotherapy in Amsterdam and I have completed the course of classic massage. I continued my education to become a cosmetologist in the Dutch School of Beauty in Rotterdam. I always follow the new methods and developments, take courses for advanced qualifications. However theory is nothing without practice. For 8 years of working as a cosmetologist, I met many wonderful women who became my loyal clients. I am convinced that beauty comes from the inside. The correct diet and a healthy life style are very important. My job – extra bonus, is to help you to look and feel beautiful! For each one of us, it is important to have professional care, and I would happily provide that for you.”

And just to remind that Endosphéres therapy with its compressive micro-vibrations is painless and effective way of remodeling and reshaping the body.

Tanya Mackenzie
Endosphéres therapist and aesthetician

Tanya Mackenzie

Tanya Mackenzie is our Endosphéres specialist, a natural giver, client oriented with great soft approach to every need. 

“I’ve built my career in Advertising, working in Front Office but then I decided to change the path and become a Masseuse Therapist. 

I always love receiving massages, adore Asian and Auverda techniques, Yogi. Lived in Australia and Thailand, finished the course of Thai Deep tissue massage in KoSamui.

As a trained Endosphéres therapist at Oasis, I am always trying to bring the best experience and outcome to all our Clients.”



Daisy, the newest member of our Oasis team, is dedicated to providing top-quality Endosphéres therapy. With a fascination for the human body and a belief in the power of holistic living, Daisy is passionate about helping people achieve their wellness and beauty goals. Currently studying to become a health coach, she has spent the last decade exploring biohacking and anti-aging protocols.

Originally from Sofia, Bulgaria, Daisy spent nearly 15 years in various office jobs before finding her true calling. Her extensive educational background includes a university degree in philosophy, a postgraduate diploma in management, and a master’s in international business.

Daisy firmly believes that lifelong learning is key to personal growth and development and is always seeking out new opportunities to expand her knowledge and skills.

Daisy Endospheres specialist
Massage and Aesthetic Taping specialist


Mila is committed to providing personalized care to every client, taking into account their individual needs and desires to ensure a truly exceptional experience.

“I’m passionate about the beauty and wellness and have always been drawn to natural, non-invasive methods of rejuvenation. I began my professional journey in the spa industry with a focus on massage and aesthetic taping.

As a certified Endosphéres therapist at Oasis, I incorporate non-invasive, natural techniques into my sessions to bring the best possible outcome for my clients.”

"I use the proven techniques of mindfulness, coaching and preventive diets as an integrative approach to healing"

"I use the proven techniques of mindfulness, coaching and preventive diets as an integrative approach to healing"

Health coach and Nutritionist


I am a certified coach in nutrition and healthy living. I see a person as an integral system, where the spirit, mind, and body are one. In my practice, I actively use the proven techniques of mindfulness, coaching, and preventive diets as an integrative approach to healing.

Each human body is unique and has a wonderful capacity to heal itself, yet many people deprive their bodies of that ability by solely focusing on traditional medicine for most ailments. Combining the traditions of East and West, a holistic health coach can provide you with superior care to achieve rejuvenation and longevity.


Katya is our passionate Endospheres Therapist. With her warm and friendly personality, Katya is dedicated to providing exceptional care to our clients.

Attention to details is one of Katya’s key strengths. She understands that everyone is unique and has different requirements, tailoring her treatments to suit individual needs.

“I find great joy in connecting with people, providing attentive care, and observing their positive progress as they develop a stronger connection with their bodies and grow in confidence.”

Katerina Endospheres specialist

"my approach is to have a non-verbal
but actionable conversation with your body
via conscious touch"


"my approach is to have a non-verbal but actionable conversation with your body via conscious touch"

one of a kind Craniosacral and visceral therapist

Valeria Lieveld

Valeria Lieveld is one of a kind Craniosacral and visceral therapist who is here to understand, feel and help.

“I apply a holistic approach to the human body not just to provide relief from symptoms but to find and treat the actual root cause of your problems.

My practice is based on the solid foundation of: 

* three University degrees in psychology and Craniosacral therapy,

* basic medical education (HBO-level),

* visceral manipulation education and ongoing assistance during VM-courses,

* more than 10 years experience in educating medical qigong.

“I believe that our body needs a right human touch. Body always knows what it really wants. My role as a therapist is to listen to your body, to find pain-points and to help body to mobilize its own resources.”

Craniosacral therapy is an in-depth form of Osteopathy (“cranium” means a scull and “sacrum” is a sacrum). It ensures a deep impact on the human body via delicate conscious touches. This simple but powerful technique delivers relief from pain, tension and stress. At the same time, it drives up your psychological and physical well-being. The essence of craniosacral impact is a holistic approach to the human body. It touches bones, ligaments, muscles, joints, nerves, vessels and fascia. As a result, the whole body restores its original mobility, agility and a good mood.

Yana manicure
Zhenya manicure
Manicure and pedicure specialists

Yana and Zhenya

Our new talented nail artists, Yana and Zhenya, are here to work their magic.
Yana and Zhenya perform long-lasting manicure and pedicure using modern techniques of soak off gel polish and base application. From a basic manicure to customized treatments (BIAB, acrylic nail extension, various design, and e-file pedicure) they will make sure your hands and feet get just what they need.

As a salon we understand that safety is very important to our clients. We follow the highest safety standards – 3 steps of sterilization process. All instruments are thoroughly disinfected and sterilized.

Zhenya manicure