Builder Gel – 1 – Clear


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Get that stunning, natural look you’ve been searching for with this Lisa Kon’s Hard Gel Builder Gel.

You deserve to have dynamic nails and flaunt the brilliant finish this builder gel exudes. It contains UV brighteners and stabilizers to prevent yellowing and accentuates the color of your nail bed for a vibrant transparency.

You can use for long nail extensions, shorter nails, and even make your toes turn heads. It provides your nails with high shine, durable wear and a beautiful dark pink color to show off.

Accentuates color of nail bed while creating deep contrast in French nail with a vibrant transparency.

Pristine performance of viscosity gel utilises Gel Suspension Technology for total control and workability.

Put your nails in the spotlight with the Lisa Kon’s Hard-Gel Builder Gel.

  • Cure in under 60 sec using an LED light.