Sana Beyond Collagen Shots


50 ml х 10

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Sana Beyond Collagen Shots set includes 10 daily bottles, offering a powerful beauty boost. Each bottle contains a potent 10,000mg of enzymatically hydrolyzed collagen, expertly broken down into highly absorbable peptides. With additional benefits from Vitamin C, Zinc, Biotin, and Coenzyme Q10, these shots are your secret to nurturing skin, nails, hair, and preserving your innate beauty.

Experience the simplicity of Beyond Collagen Shots, your daily beauty ritual. Just take one 50ml shot each day, and you’re on your way to unlocking your inner radiance. No need to mix or dilute; it’s all in one convenient shot.

Key ingredients:

10000mg hydrolyzed norwegian marine collagen, ponkan fruit, acerola fruit, vitamin C, zinc, coenzyme Q10, biotin.