Doterra Purify Oil


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Pamper your surroundings with Purify Oil, the exclusive essential oil blend designed to eliminate odors naturally and safely. This invigorating fusion of citrus and fir essential oils infuses the air and surfaces with a light and revitalizing fragrance. Loved by countless Doterra enthusiasts, Purify effortlessly banishes unwanted smells and serves as a potent, all-natural cleaning agent for every corner of your home. Comprising the cleansing prowess of Lemon and Lime essential oils, along with the protective properties of Siberian Fir against environmental factors, and enriched with Citronella, Tea Tree, and Cilantro for an irresistible Doterra signature scent, Purify is the ultimate choice for a refreshed and harmonious atmosphere. Ideal for the modern woman seeking a clean and inviting environment.

How to apply?

For aromatic enjoyment, add three to four drops to your preferred diffuser. To experience its benefits topically, simply apply one to two drops to the area you desire.