Doterra On Guard Laundry Detergent


Size: 947 ml

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Elevate your laundry experience with the ultra-concentrated Doterra On Guard Laundry Detergent, harnessing the strength of 10 milliliters of Doterra On Guard Protective Blend and natural enzymes. This compact yet powerful bottle can tackle stubborn stains, leaving your clothes impeccably clean, and it’s gentle on the environment. With enough cleaning power for up to 64 loads, this color-safe detergent is free from harmful synthetics, fragrances, and dyes, making it a wise and safe choice for both your loved ones and the planet.

How to apply?

High-efficiency washers: Utilize ¼ cap, equivalent to one tablespoon.

For conventional washers, opt for ½ cap, which equals two tablespoons. Adjust the amount as necessary for particularly soiled loads.

When dealing with stubborn stains, apply a small quantity of detergent directly onto the stain’s surface. Let it sit for up to 10 minutes before following the regular washing instructions. For extra challenging stains, reapply the detergent before the garment dries and repeat the washing cycle. Ensure the garment is thoroughly dry before attempting further stain treatment. It’s advisable to test for colorfastness in a discreet area of your garment before proceeding with treatment.