Doterra Lemongrass Oil


Size: 15 ml

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Lemongrass, a timeless and graceful plant, whispers hints of citrus in Asian culinary creations, adding its delightful touch to soups, teas, curries, and delectable dishes featuring fish, poultry, beef, and seafood. This versatile Lemongrass essential oil not only tantalizes the palate but also offers a path to well-being. It aids in digestion and rejuvenates the body’s vitality when ingested. The magic doesn’t stop there; Lemongrass oil also lends its prowess to skincare, purifying and toning your complexion. As a go-to choice for massage therapy, it brings a refreshing herbaceous scent that awakens your senses, ignites awareness, and nurtures a positive perspective. It’s an essential companion for the modern woman seeking balance and radiance.

How to apply?

Aromatic use: Add three to four drops to your preferred diffuser.

Consume internally: Mix a single drop with 4 fluid ounces of liquid.

Embrace topical application: Gently rub one to two drops onto your desired area, and for those with sensitive skin, dilute with a carrier oil.