Doterra Lemon Oil


Size: 15 ml

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Introduce a fresh and familiar touch to your wellness journey with CPTG Lemon Essential Oil. The invigorating citrus aroma of Lemon oil effortlessly brightens your surroundings, infusing them with a cheerful and uplifting ambiance. Beyond its aromatic charm, Lemon Oil doubles as a potent purifying agent, offering a natural and effective solution for refreshing the air and cleaning most surfaces in your home. Elevate your culinary delights and beverages with the vibrant burst of Lemon’s flavor. Moreover, integrating Lemon essential oil into your daily routine may provide support for a healthy digestive and nervous system, thanks to its substantial limonene content. Embrace Lemon Oil as your essential companion for a joyful and vibrant lifestyle.

How to apply?

For an aromatic delight, infuse your space with the fresh scent of lemon essential oil by adding three to four drops to your preferred diffuser. When it comes to internal use, simply mix one drop of lemon essential oil with four fluid ounces of liquid for a zesty twist. For topical applications, apply one to two drops of lemon essential oil to the area of your choice, and if you have sensitive skin, blend it with a carrier oil to ensure a gentle experience.