Naturals Cosmetics Pomegranate Antioxidant Cream with Prebiotics


Size: 50 ml

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Discover this lavish antioxidant-rich facial cream, meticulously crafted for mature skin. Harnessing the power of Marine Algae and natural antioxidants like A, C, and E, it rejuvenates tired, lackluster skin while providing protection against free radicals.

Enriched with organic ingredients, including Pomegranate, Argan, and White Poppy seed oils, this cream ensures deep, lasting moisture and enhances skin’s suppleness and firmness. Its unique prebiotic infusion supports a harmonious skin flora, essential for beauty and well-being. Reveal a revitalized, radiant complexion with this transformative cream.

Active ingredients:

Salicylic acid, rosa multiflora flower oil.

In the morning, gently yet thoroughly massage onto your clean face and neck, applying a light pressure to ensure complete coverage. For optimal results, use it in conjunction with My Essential Concentrate.