Gift Card


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Explore the art of gifting with Oasis Beauty’s elegant Gift Vouchers. These tokens of appreciation are more than mere paper; they’re your pass to pure indulgence and revitalization.

Whether you’re expressing your love for someone special or offering a unique “thank you,” our Gift Cards unlock a world of beauty and relaxation. With diverse values and treatment choices, you can customize your gift to fit your budget, ensuring it’s perfect for every occasion.

Our offerings span from revitalizing spa treatments to a treasure trove of premium beauty products, starting at a delightful 50-60 euros. These gift options are expertly designed to bring a smile to your recipient’s face, making their experience as memorable as the occasion itself.

Each Gift Voucher is carefully placed in an elegant envelope and accompanied by one of our enticing brochures, adding a touch of luxury to your gift and setting the stage for the wonderful experiences ahead.

Your Gift Cards have an extensive 12-month validity from the purchase date. This means your loved one or special friend can anticipate their spa day or shopping spree at their leisure, relishing the excitement of what’s to come.