facial treatments

Facial treatments

At Oasis we have a variety of facial treatments targeted to recover your skin and to prevent ageing and wrinkles.

bespoke beauty treatments for each client


HL professional peels are a highly effective and active products designed for specific treatments and skin conditions based on naturals acids and fruits.

Peels are customised for various skin issues and can help treat everything from fine lines to acne marks.

HL peels are formulated with a patented ULTRA MULTIFRUIT formula, a concentrated mixture of 5 botanical fruit extracts:  blueberry, sugarcane, sugar maple, orange and lemon. The HL mixing process preserves the natural characteristics of botanical extracts, highlights and enhances its individual benefits with assets such as BHA, Retinol and other extracts. A course of 3-5 treatments is recommended for optimal results.


SCULPTING and buccal massage

Sculptural Face Lifting Method

Sculptural Face Lifting propels the internal resources of the body for the natural rejuvenation and recovery. It improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, increases the microcirculation in the subcutaneous adipose tissue,  normalizes cellular respiration, activates metabolism and tissue nourishment. The secret of the success of the technique lies in the deep study of the basic facial and masticatory muscles of the face simultaneously – from the outside through the skin and through the oral cavity from the inside.

As a result, muscle tone and elasticity are restored. Muscles tighten and skin becomes smooth, returning the face to its natural shape.


Overall, Sculptural Face Lifting technique produces such positive results:

Additionally to tightening and strengthening of the face, the procedure normalizes the client’s psycho-emotional state including the chronic fatigue syndrome. The inner blocks and clamps are removed, stress and anxiety melt away.

During the session, an osteopathic effect is achieved – tissue tension decrease, muscle spasms and pain are removed. The face “opens” and begins to “breath”.  


Two complimentary techniques are examined and worked out in details – Sculptural and Intraoral parts:

Sculptural technique – this first part includes thorough skilful facial manipulations. Muscle sculpting is achieved by kneading the whole face, neck and décolletage area superficially.

Intraoral technique that follows after affects mimic and chewing muscles along the entire length from point to point of muscle’s attachment simultaneously from the outer and inner sides through the oral cavity, and also, indirectly, the facial bones of the skull. In-depth massage results in face rectification, restoring the shape and improving oedema. It strengthens and tones the areas of the muscles which are inaccessible during external massage. This part is performed by the practitioner wearing sterile gloves inside the oral cavity.

Buccal facial massage

Two complimentary techniques are examined and worked out in details – Sculptural and Intraoral parts:

Buccal facial massage that increases blood, oxygen supply and collagen production.

BENEFITS: lifting, softening of wrinkles, lymphatic drainage, deep relaxation of the facial muscles.

This “Internal Contouring” treatment affects deeper structures of the face by working not only on the outside but also on the inside through the moutes benefits: jaw tension deeper structures face alleviates headaches and migraines -stimulates the lymphatic system re-balances and re-aligns the throat and third eye chakra.

buccal massage

facial treatments


At Oasis we offer a variety of facial treatments:

Ultrasound facial cleansing

Includes also light peeling and algae mask.

Hydration signature HL treatment

6 steps signature treatment including cleansing, 2 peelings, massage and highly effective hydrating masks.


Algae peel-off mask treatment provides a powerful hydrating and drainage effect, reduces puffiness and dark circles under the eyes in addition to firming and toning the skin.

Deep peeling

Gives a lightening and anti-aging effect.

Dermapen micro needling

Boosting collagen production, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and elevates the overall texture of the skin.

Carboxytherapy (microdermoabrasion)

Helps to cleanse the upper layers of the skin, increase blood circulation in the tissues, and saturate the skin with oxygen.


Treatment for skin tightening.


RF lifting

RF lifting

This is a procedure for lifting and improving skin firmness. The effect on the dermis is carried out using radio frequency. During the procedure, the skin is heated to a comfortable temperature (42 degrees). Thanks to this heating, collagen fibers contract and an instant lifting occurs, which is visible immediately after the procedure. In addition, the effect can be lasting. The result of the procedure: skin tightening, smoothing of fine wrinkles.

RF massager induces collagen and elastin regeneration in the dermis layer, which leads to smoother and tighter skin and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Course of 4-6 treatments is recommended (1 treatment a week)

Sagging skin on the neck, décolleté and face along with wrinkles are common problems associated with aging. This is mainly due to decreasing of collagen production as skin loses its quality. RF system is the most commonly used procedure to stimulate the collagen production and strengthen the skin structure. RF enables skin tightening and improvement of the skin’s appearance. It is is a non-invasive way of tightening loose skin around the forehead, eyes, cheeks, mouth, jaw line, and chin/neck. 

This is a great way of reducing fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores and improving skin tone and texture as well as a dull skin. RF treatment uses electrical pulses. It heats the dermis (the deepest skin layer) through hand pieces without damaging the epidermis (the top layers of the skin), to stimulate new collagen growth and provide an improvement in skin laxity and appearance, to remodel and enhance dermal density with minimal risks.

RF lifting